Summary of Summer Learning
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What I've learnt ?

In my perspective, I wasted a summer vacation once again. Not only did I failed to complet the plans what I had decided previously, but also learned nothing. I have no idea about my wasting time, so here, I would list them all bellow to show what I've learnt and done.

  • Complete Professional Awareness Placement on May 23th and the thesis.
  • Build up my bolg website based on Tencent Cloud and WordPress on June 14th.
  • Participate in LanQiao Cup C/C++ National Programing Contest(div.B) on June 18th and won the thrid price fortunately.
  • Host HAUE School of Computer Science ACM Club Summer Training twice which is about BFS&DFS Algorithm on June 17th and Extended Euclidean Algorithm on July 23th.
  • Participate in Codeforces , AtCoder and AcWing's Contests several times and worte editorials for each round on July,as training to myself the comming CCPC in the new term.
  • Learn about basic DP(Dynamic Programming) on August, and host freshman's training about loop in C/C++ programing.

You see, it looks not bad right? But I don't think so, because I still know nothing about engineering projects of computer. It supose to be like that I would have learned Django and finishde a web APP, but it is the truth that I even haven't learning Python yet.

So, that is the problem, which seems that I have a busy or fullfilling vacation but I benefit a little from what I did. To be honestly, I should do the things in plan but I had deviated from it.

About new term ?

Anyway, the summer holidays have passed, there is no need to regret the wasted time, just look forward and head on.

So, here is the following plan for the comming term(I'm not sure I would do, just assume it) :

  • Participate in CCPC.
  • Learn Git, Docker on Linux.
  • Learn Python and Django and make a web APP by using them.
  • Learn Java (if time permitting ...).
  • Learn Data Structure and Algorithm seriously and deeply.
  • Learn the Intermediate Algorithm (Lessons powerde by @yxc)

Other wishes !

  • $\color{red}{I'm~dying~to~go~to~shool~!}$
  • $\color{red}{I'm~dying~to~go~to~shool~!}$
  • $\color{red}{I'm~dying~to~go~to~shool~!}$

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